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You have before you a collection of some of the most incredible historical accounts and vivid examples of the power and love of our Blessed Mother. From the hidden troubles of daily life to the dangerous snares of the battlefield, her children enjoy a protection that the most powerful men cannot touch.

Fully dramatized, these eight captivating stories will inspire and edify both the faithful children of Mary and those who have yet to discover her undying love and maternal protection.

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1. Introduction
2. The Battle for New Orleans
3. The Water Pump
4. More Powerful than the Sun
5. Freedom's Weapon
6. Saved from the Sea
7. Robes of Glory
8. A Deadly Dance
9. Warning from the Abyss
10. Epilogue
11. About Us
Under Mary's Mantle
Front Cover - "Under Mary's Mantle" Dramatized Audio CD
Back Cover - "Under Mary's Mantle" Dramatized Audio CD
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8 Fully Dramatized Stories (Total Time - 71 min.)
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True Stories of our Blessed Mother’s Powerful Protection
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